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[07.20]We are “glad” that we made a mistake on a paper box production

[07.20]We are “glad” that we made a mistake on a paper box production

2021-2022 is a year of rapid development for Nicer Packaging. The original printing workshop can no longer meet our current output demand. Therefore, we have invested in a printing workshop and allocated corresponding workers and workshop directors. We are glad that our output and printing quality of paper products have been improved.

However, the risk is always hidden in the opportunity. In a mass production in July this year, a serious unexpected accident occurred in the new workshop. Before mass production, the sales manager should have personally confirmed the pre-production samples but the new printing worker Mr. Li is too confident with this regular carton production to do the mass production printing directly without the confirmation of the sales manager. As a result, the wrong color samples were used, resulting in a large color difference problem, which brought great losses to the customer and our company.

As a trustworthy and responsible company, we held a meeting and approved the following five decisions today to avoid such an accident happening again and to fix the current problem.

  • Dismiss the printing specialist (Mr. Li) immediately.
  • Reduce the monthly bonus of the printing workshop manager Mr. Lei and the production manager Mr. Liu immediately.
  • Carry out company activities to strengthen organizational discipline till 29th July.
  • Announce the production problem on the company's website by the end of July.
  • Scrap previous bulks and then re-produce your paper boxes immediately,(will finish full production within 12 days.)

We are glad to see our problems and to fix them no matter how much we pay so that we can be a Nicer Packaging company : )

We believe that through this accident, our workshop will definitely pay more attention to the production process and produce nicer products. 

Nicer Packaging Team