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Help Page of Wheat Straw Packaging [V1.2]

120ml wheat straw bottle

Help Page of Wheat Straw Packaging [V1.2]

First of all,

Thanks for your efforts of protecting our environment by choosing eco-friendly packaging.

Nicer Packaging is an enterprise committed to the development of eco-friendly materials and the production of conventional plastic & glass packaging.

Wheat Straw Packaging is our new developed eco-friendly packaging which is already widely used by person care products for few years.

Please find detailed information below and contact us if any questins.

Our aim is to develop a material reducing the plastic contents as much as we can, 
The new wheat straw material is Eco-friendly( Less Plastic & Reducing carbon dioxide emissions ), Partial biodegradable, Recyclable and Stable etc,
Currently, our wheat straw material can be used for producing various soft tube and lotion bottles.
biodegradable wheat tube120ml wheat straw bottle

Ideally, we want to produce 100% wheat straw contents tube and bottle.

However, it seems impossible based on our current machine & technology, considering packaging Permeability, Toughness, Barrier and stability.

So, we decided to mix wheat straw raw material into PE, PET plastic for soft tube and bottle producing.

After many times testing:

  • The wheat straw contents in soft tube packaging is suggested from 8% to 50%.
  • The wheat straw contents in lotion bottle packaging is suggested 50%
Wheat Straw Contents In Soft Tube Packaging
Wheat Straw 50%
Wheat Straw Contents In Lotion Bottle & Jar Packaging
Wheat Straw 50%

About Biodegradable

  • Our current wheat straw material packaging is biodegradable but not 100% because of the rest PE, PET plastic contents.
  • Only our PLA Packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable.


About Recyclable

Our wheat straw packaging is recyclable because of plastic contents.

  • Chinese SGS certificate of Wheat Straw Bottle:


  • Testing Report of Wheat Straw Raw Material

Wheat Straw Material Report

The average producing cost of Wheat Straw Packaging is higher than normal plastic packaging beacause of higher material cost and defective rate.

However, Nicerpackaging will offer the best price as our support promoting this new eco-friendly material to every new client, please contact our sales for enquiring the best price.


  • Regarding wheat straw tube:

Our customized MOQ is 20k units each design

  • Regarding wheat straw bottle/jar:

Our customized MOQ is 10k units each design, for some designated models, we may have unprinted stock to support lower MOQ to 2k units / per type, please contact our sales for more information.

Our wheat straw packagings meet all corresponding production regulations and allowed to be sold on market legally for years.

We sold thousands of wheat straw packagings and havn't heard any safety problems from clients yet,  they're generally recognized as safety product in our market.

If you are still worried about safety issues, you can do any tests on your side after requesting samples form us, or, you can choose our regular plastic/ glass packagings.

Yes, even plastic tube & bottle packaging has sheif life, so does wheat straw packaging.

Shelf life: At least one year if keep empty wheat straw packaging in a dry, clear and well-ventilated environment, Normally speaking can keep over 2-3 years, however we don't suggest to keep them too long.

After filled: Normally speaking, the quality guarantee period after products filled can be last roughly 12 to 24 months, but it also depends on the product compatibility with wheat straw packaging.

We havn't found any components which reacts with our wheat straw material.

Of course.

  • We can offer few pieces of free existing wheat straw tube/bottle/jar samples for your reference & testing, you only need to cover the package air-freight charge.


  • We can also customized producing few pieces wheat straw tube/bottle/jar according to your design, sample making will cost USD 200 each design for the materials & labor.

Please contact sales for more information if need any help.

Although our material contains natural wheat straw, the components of wheat straw are processed under nearly 200 ℃ while producing , The active ingredients in the straw have been killed and solidified in the material, never heard about allergy incidents by now.

Normally speaking our material is stable and safety enough to keep the most contents,  it won't have contaminate issues, but we can't 100% promise because there are too many different ingredients in the world.

Sincerely suggest you doing tests before ordering bulk and mark the potential allergy risk on packaging if it's necessary.

Growing transgenic wheat is forbidden in our country, so ours is non-GMO wheat